Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Strawberry Coffee from Lampung (Indonesia)

BANDAR LAMPUNG, TRIBUNNEWS.COM - One more commodities are produced from the earth Lampung. Namely, coffee strawberries. The products are also produced West Lampung (underlayer), it has become a new trend of coffee in Indonesia.

Underlayer topography is hilly, supported by the mild climate make the coffee is grown abundantly in the district. Coffee production reached 42 thousand tons per year. And it is organic coffee.

Conditions on the spur local farmers to be creative to create a variety of processed coffee drinks. Consequently, born this delicious strawberry coffee, civet coffee has menyanding renowned.

However, different from the Luwak coffee is cultivated in almost all farmers underlayer, produced only one strawberry coffee farmers. Namely, I Gusti Made Suryanata.

The initial idea, a desire to offer a souvenir Made typical West Lampung. Be, coffee is an alternative strawberry souvenirs typical of the district.

According to Made, her strawberry coffee production since 2005. It has its own coffee plantations and strawberries. Routinely, coffee compost or artificial fertilizers. Maintenance plants such as branch pruning, pest and disease protection into a liability that should never be forgotten.

The selected coffee beans are cooked red beans. Coffee beans cook dipijah back, seeds removed broken, dirty, and damaged skin. Thus, the seeds collected only the best quality. Furthermore, choosing a ripe strawberry, taste sweet and sour enough.

How coffee processing strawberries? According to Made no different with the coffee-making process in general. Coffee drying in the hot sun until leaving only 10 percent moisture content.

"If the weather is hot, drying quite six days. During the wet season, about half a month," he said when contacted by the Tribune Lampung in Dawn Moon, West Lampung.

Dried beans are then washed, soaked in strawberry juice for one day and one night. After that, the beans are roasted and a half hour for the next milled (into powder). And ready to be packed. (*)